Academic Writing Related Docs

Sample Essays

AW Essay (Sample 1)

AW Essay (Sample 2)

Structure of AW Thesis

Research Paper Outline Guidelines

Outline Template

Thesis Re-statement

Types of Details

Body Paragraphs 1 and 2 Guidelines

Body Paragraph 2 Guidelines

Body Paragraph 3 Guidelines

Final Draft Guidelines

Writing Skills

How to Paraphrase

Paraphrase Review

How to Summarize 1

How to Summarize 2

2nd Hand Quotes Review

Using Sources

How to Use Aogaku’s Online Databases

Library Activity (AW)

What to Cite

Types of Sources

Source Info (Sample)

How to Check a Source

Research Paper Sources (Blank–For students to fill in 7 sources)

Bibliography & APA Style

Making a Bibliography

APA Referencing Activity

Bibliography Activity

Bibliography Review

Peer Editing & Teacher Conferences

Revising Checklist

Correction Symbols

Peer Editing Guidelines

Peer Editing Task

T/S Conferences (example of how it can be set up)

Conference Preparation (for students to get the most out of it)

Presentation Peer Feedback and Self-evaluation

PRESENTATION Evaluation Sheets (PDF) / PRESENTATION Evaluation Sheets (DOC)

[Many thanks to Morten Hunke for the presentation evaluation sheets.]


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